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Households within high pressure limited flow fuse device, rated voltage grade points 3, and 6, and 10, and 20, and 35, and 66kV, common of model has RN1, and RN3, and RN5, and XRNM1, and XRNT1, and XRNT2, and XRNT3 type, main for protection power line, and power transformer and power capacitor, equipment of overload and short-circuit; RN2 and RN4 type rated current are for 0.5~10A, for protection transformer of dedicated fuse device. Another type of outdoor high-pressure Jet typefuse, when such arcs for melt meltdown, arc burn against a white gasblowing long arc, arc impedance change phase, current zero produceszero off, breaking Lu, current-limiting function is not obvious.

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