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1. All double hats

In this way, the product characteristics and safety performance of the fuse are combined with a contact cap and a contact. It is the so-called double cap (inner/outer cap). In general small or underground processing plants, in order to cut corners and cut costs, they will use single-cap pressure riveting "single-cap and double-cap": mainly cylindrical cap-shaped fuses are more common, and the reliability impact is very large.

2. "External welding and internal welding"

From the manufacturing process of the fuse, your statement should refer to the spot welding process of different types of fuses; in a nutshell. These are two relatively common fuses, and there are other types of fuses that are more commonly used, such as "aM". From the appearance of the fuse, you can see that the solder joints are external welding, and the solder joints are inside, which cannot be seen from the outside. The one that sees the solder joints is what you call internal soldering.

3. "Fast-blow and slow-blow": In fact, it refers to fuses of different usage categories, which are relative to the protected electrical appliances. The fuse used for the protection of general semiconductor devices (SCR, diode, triode, silicon rectifier) ​​is usually called fast-acting, and its use category belongs to the "aR" category.

Generally speaking, slow-blow refers to "class fuse", that is, a fuse with a full range of breaking capacity in general use category. It is generally used for line overload or short-circuit protection. Normal factory fuses include fast-blow and slow-blow. The difference is mainly due to the difference in response time. The two are essentially different in I2t indicators, and fast-acting fuses are generally used to protect sensitive products from damage.

If you choose a slow-blow fuse by mistake, it may cause damage to the equipment and fail to protect it. Therefore, the basis for selecting a fuse depends on the actual requirements of the protected circuit.

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