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Zhejiang Zhiguang Fuse Co.Ltd a modern company specialized in high voltage fuse and low voltage fuse production in China.

With sufficient technology capability precise manufacturing technique and Well-equipped test facility, the Company now owns above 100 types of series "ZIGUA" products covering more than 1000 specifications,all the products comply with international IEC standard and ANSI.C37.42, DIN43625, BS2692, IEC282-2-1995, IEC60644, IEC60470, IEC60282-1, IEC60269,and CCC, GB15166.1, GIN51-66.2, GBl51766.5, GB13539, DIN 43620, DL/T640-1997, at the Same time,we passed IS09001:2000 quality system certification and CE Certification European Community . Parts of the products have reached the level of advanced industrial countries in Europe,USA,Japan etc . Modern enterprise management,managing system,good after-sales service and ceaseless innovation make the company develop rapidly and become one of the enterprises with most tremendous potentiality and potentiality in the same industry.

The market is the base for the enterprise's survival . After years of market test,the products not only satisfy the customers at home but also have been exported to above 30 countries and areas, it has won the reputation aII of the world with its advanced technology,perfect function,reliable quality and high quality service.



product description

                high voltage fuse RW9-35

high voltage fuse supplier recommended_high voltage fuse RW9-35

RXWO-35, RW10-35, RW9-35, RXW0-10 Type of outdoor high-voltage high voltage fuse

  • RN1 quartz-sand filled indoor high-voltage fuse is applied to protect the overload and short circuit of power line,and has very big breaking capacity, so it is also applied to protecting the branch of power system, power line of city,feed circuit of industry enterprise and agricultural substation.
  • RN1 fuse is made up of support in sulators, contact base,fuse link and base-board.the suppoort insulator is installed on the base-board,the contact base is fixed on the support insulator, the fuse pipe is fixed in the contact base,the fuse wire in the fuse pipe is rilled on the cord with arris, then fill the quartz sand,use the terminal cover to press the copper cap,and seal the pipe by welding the tin.
  • When the overload current or short-circuit current passes,the fuse wire immediately is broken,at the same time the electric arc occurs,and the quartz sand immediately puts out the electric arc. When the fuse wire is broken,the connection line of spring is also broken,and the spring comes out from the pipe,this means the fuse already finishes its work.

High-voltage fuse

high-voltage fuse is applied to protect the short circuit and overload of electricity transmission line and transformer,and is the simplest electrical appliance to prevent the power equipment from being broken. The high-voltage fuse is applicable to the conditions with the altitude blow 1000meters and the temperature in the range of+40℃ and -40℃, but it is not applicable to the location with in flammation and explosion danger,strong vibration,swing impact and serious pollution.

high voltage fuse supplier recommended_voltage fuse RW9-35 drawing


                  high voltage fuse XRNP

high voltage fuse supplier recommended_high voltage fuse XRNP

High-voltage high voltage fuse for instruments transformer protection

This product can be used in indoor system of Ac50Hz and rated voltage of 3.6-40.5KV to protect the voltage mutual-inductor from over loading and circuit break.(tested by-inductor from overloading and circ-uit break. (Tested by National high-voltage quality Supervising and Testing Center,in accordance with GBl5166.2 and IEC282-1).

Type instruction

high voltage fuse supplier recommended_high voltage fuse XRNP drawing

Basic parameters

Type Rated Voltage(KV) Rated current(A) Rated brake current(KA)
XRNP1-□/□-□-1 7.2(3.6) 12 0.2,0.3,0.5,1,2,3.15 50
XRNP1-□/□-□-1 24 0.2,0.3,0.5,1,2,3.15 50
XRNP1-□/□-□-2 12 2,3.15 50
XRNP6-□/□-□-1 40.5 0.2,0.3,0.5,1,2,3.15 31.5
XRNP6-□/□-□-3   0.2,0.3,0.5,1,2,3.15,4.5  
XRNP6-□/□-□-4   0.2,0.5,1,2,3.15,6.3  
XRNP6-□/□-□-3   0.2,0.3,0.5,1,2,3.15,4.5  
XRNP6-□/□-□-4   0.2,0.5,1,2,3.15,6.3