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AC high-voltage vacuum load switch is suitable for three-phase AC high-voltage power system, set distribution equipment and ring network switchgear, combined substation and other supporting use, with breaking rated current, overload current and ability to prevent equipment phase loss operation The switch has obvious visible isolation fractures, and is equipped with a grounding switch with an closing capability and an electric spring mechanism, which has a remote control capability.

AC high-voltage vacuum load switch is mainly composed of frame, isolation switch, vacuum interrupter, grounding switch, spring operating mechanism, etc. AC high-voltage vacuum load switch is compact, small in size, long in life, close, strong breaking capacity, operation and maintenance Simple. AC high-voltage vacuum load switch with spring operation, motor spring energy storage, closing mode with electromagnet closing and manual splitting and closing, interlocking switch, vacuum switch, grounding switch interlocking (mechanical interlock ) to prevent misuse.