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FN12-12 Series AC H.V vacuum load switch

It is a three phase H,V switch equipment of 12kV.50Hz for breaking or closing load transformer cablecharging current and closing shortcircuit current.The load switch with earth switch can bear short-circuit current. It is made up of FN12-12D load switch and S口LAJ-12(XRNT口-10)H.V current-lilnitirlg fuse box.It can break any current,load switch breaking working current and fuse box breaking short-circuit current.joinfly breaking any current between short-circuit current,meantime.fuse box make the switch off of with the striker.

FN12-12 Series AC H.V vacuum Load Break Switch

◆ Application
It is used in the ring network city distribution and industrial equipment of 12kV and three-phase AC 50Hz to cortrol loadand short-circuit.because the switch with fuse protecting transformer etc more reliably than circuit is especialy suitablefor ring network clouble radial distribution and package substation.
◆ Standard
a、GB3804-90《3~63kV AC H.V load switch》.
b、GBXXXX-XX《AC H.V load switch with fuse box》(the same IEC420-1990).
C、GB1995-89《AC H.V isolate switch and earth switch》。
◆ Service condition
A.The ambient air temperature:Max.:+40℃,Min.:-25℃.
B.The altitude≤1000m.
C.The relatire humidity of air.daffy average≤90%.monthly average≤95%.
D.The ambient air should not be obviously polluted by corrosivity or the flammability gas and geam.etc.
E、Without frequent shake.
F、Enviroment degree:grade II.
If requirements are not mentioned above,users can fix them with the manufacturer.

◆ Type and meaning

◆ Technical parameter and performances(please see the table)

Number Name Unit FN12-12D/630 FN12-120D(R)D/100
1 Rated voltage KV 12
2 Rated frequency Hz 50
3 Rated current A 630 100
4 Lighting impulse resisting voltage kV To ground,interphase 75 isolation break 85
5 1 min power frequency withstand voltage kV To ground,interphase 42 isolation break 48
6 Rated heatstability current kA 20(2S)
7 Rated machinestability current kA 50
8 Rated closing current(peak) kA 50 50
9 Rated shortcircuit breaking current(prospective value) kA   31.5
10 Max. critical breaking current I2*t A2S   fuse box characterisitic curve
11 Min. breaking current kA   fuse box characterisitic curve
12 Rated transfer current kA   1.5
13 Max. breaking current (reference value) kA 1.8
14 Breaking no-load transformer capacity kva 1250
15 Rated cable charging current A 10
16 Rated power load current breaking times 次(Times) >100
17 Switchoff time of rated power load current switch on-and off S   >0.06
18 Earth switch heat-stability current kA 20(2S) 20(2S)
19 Earth switch heat-stability current(peak) kA 50 50
20 Motor operating power valtage V Pay110、200 direct current

◆ Mechanical characteristic parameter

Number Name Unit FN12-12D/630 FN12-12D(R)D/100
1 Machine contact qeneral travel Mm 200 +8
2 Interphase distance(before mechansim store energy) mm 210±3
3 Dynamic contact ultra travel mm 40±2
4 Auxiliary contact distance mm 150
5 Three-phase switch on-and-off synchroneity ms <3
6 Switch-off speed m/s >2.8 >2.8
7 Switch-off speed m/s >3.8
8 Distance between metal valve and conducting pipe mm >125
9 Earth switch fracture distance mm >150
10 Main. loop resistance μΩ <120 <300
11 Max. opertaing moment Nm <160


1. When measuring auxiliary contact distance. Add 24mm static contact to the conducting pipe.
2. When measuring FN12-12(R)D main loop resistance, the fuse box can be replaced by the conducting bar ignoring its resistance.

◆ Structure.appearance and installation diagram

◆ Structure.appearance and installation diagram

◆ Structure.appearance and installation diagram