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High-voltage fuse rated current selection:

  1. The rated current for lighting or electric equipment protection fuse, because the load current is relatively stable, melt rated current is generally equal to or slightly greater than the load

2. For the protection of a single long-term operation of the motor fuse, consideration should be blown motor starts when I> = (1.5 ~ 2.5) Ie, light-load starting or starting time is relatively short, the desirability factor 1.5, with heavy-duty starting or starting time is longer, the coefficient advisable approximate 2.5

3. For frequent starter motor fuse protection, taking into account the frequent fever blown fuse should not be at the start, that I> = (3 ~ 3.5) Ie

4. For multi-motor protection fuse, there should not be blown peak current, which is typically the largest capacity of a motor starter, while the other motor current occurs during normal operation as peak current, I> = (1.5 ~ 2.5) Ie.max + (Ie1 + Ie2 + Ie3 + ...)

5. The fuse voltage selection should be equal to or greater than the rated voltage current location.