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The general fuse consists of three parts:

One is the melt part, which is the core of the fuse. It cuts off the current when the fuse is blown. The melt of the same type and the same specification must have the same material, the same geometric size, and the resistance value should be set small and consistent. It is important that the fusing characteristics are consistent;

The second is the electrode part, usually there are two, it is an important part of the connection between the melt and the circuit, it must have good electrical conductivity, so as to produce obvious installation contact resistance;

The third is the bracket part. The melt of the fuse is generally slender and soft. The function of the bracket is to fix the three parts of the melt into a rigid overall installation. To use, it must have good mechanical strength, insulation, and heat resistance. Resistance and flame retardancy, breakage, deformation, burning and short circuit during use; the fuses used in power circuits and high-power equipment have not only the three parts of general fuses, but also arc extinguishing devices, because of this The circuit protected by the class fuse has the working current through, and when the melt melts, its mutual voltage is also very high. It often appears that the melt has melted (fused) or even vaporized, but the current is not cut off. The reason is At the moment of fusing, under the action of voltage and current, an arc phenomenon occurs between the two electrodes of the fuse. The arc extinguishing device must have strong insulation and good thermal conductivity, and be negative. It is the commonly used arc extinguishing material. In addition, some fuses have blown indicating devices. Their function is to change their appearance after the fuse is activated (blown), which is easy to be found by maintenance personnel, such as light-emitting, discolored, and displaced solid indicators.

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