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1. The zinc oxide arrester suddenly explodes during operation, but it has not caused the system to be permanently grounded. It can also be repaired. After the thunderstorm, the isolation switch of the fault phase can be opened to deactivate the zinc oxide arrester and replace it in time. lightning arrester. If the system has been permanently grounded after the explosion, it is forbidden to use the isolating switch to operate the evasive damper.

2, the weather is normal, found that the arrester shell has cracks, should stop running immediately, the fault arrester out of operation, replace the qualified arrester. In the thunderstorm, the porcelain sleeve was found to have cracks, and its operation should be maintained, and it should be treated after the thunderstorm.

3. If there is an abnormality inside the arrester or the casing bursts, it needs to be carefully inspected and inspected. This phenomenon may cause system ground fault. When handling, personnel should not be close to the arrester, and the circuit breaker or manual grounding method can be used.

4. The internal lightning arrester action indicator burns black or burns, the grounding lead line connection point is blown, the arrester valve resistance is invalid, the arc gap is deteriorated, and the power frequency continues to increase. These abnormal phenomena should be timely to the arrester. Do an electrical test disintegration test.