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First. What is a fuse isolating switch

The fuse is a current maintainer made based on the principle that the current itself is converted to melt the melt after a certain time after the current exceeds the specified value, so that the circuit is converted. Fuse is widely used in low-voltage power distribution system and control fuse is an over-current maintenance electrical appliance. The fuse is mainly composed of two parts, the melt and the melt tube, and additional fillers. When in use, connect the fuse in series with the circuit to be maintained. When the current of the circuit to be maintained exceeds the specified value and passes a certain time, the fuse generated by the melt itself will blow the fuse to maintain the circuit size and maintain the role of maintenance.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of the fuse isolation switch

1. Good selectivity. The rated current of the fuse link of the upper and lower fuse exactly meets the requirement that the overcurrent selection ratio specified by the national standard and the IEC specification is 1.6:1, that is, the rated current of the upper fuse is not less than 1.6 times the value of the lower one, and you can see the upper and lower levels Can selectively block faulty currents.

2. With good current limiting characteristics, the breaking ability can be high.

3. It is necessary to replace the fuse link after the fault is blown. The maintenance function is single. Once a period of over-current inverse time characteristics, repetition, short circuit and ground faults are all used this protection, when one-phase fuse is triggered, the above motors will cause poor operation of the two phases. Consequences, of course, can be supplemented with a fuse with an alarm signal. One-phase fuse can be inserted in series, and remote control cannot be realized. It is possible to combine with electric knife switches and switches.

Three, the main difference between isolating switch and circuit breaker

1. The fuse is maintained for overcurrent. It is originally a fuse with arc extinguishing equipment. The circuit breaker has the effect of making and breaking the circuit, together with the functions of overload maintenance, grounding maintenance and leakage maintenance.

2. The barrier switch is a mechanical switch device that can provide an electrical barrier in accordance with the requirements of the rules in the opening position. Barrier switch is a kind of electrical appliance that is widely used in high-voltage switch appliances. It is justified. The operating principle and structure of the barrier effect in the circuit are relatively simple. However, because of the large amount of use and the high reliability of operation, it is necessary for substations. The design, establishment and safe operation of power plants affect the balance of power. The main feature of the switch is that it has no arc extinguishing ability and can only open and close the circuit when there is no load current.

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